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In the heart of Ahmedabad’s upscale Satellite area, Purn Interiors is proud to present an architectural masterpiece—a sprawling 2500 sqft villa that epitomizes elegance and refined luxury.

Walking into this residence is akin to stepping into a haven of sophistication. Every detail, from the grand entryway to the intricate designs adorning the walls, has been meticulously crafted to resonate opulence and modernity. Natural light cascades through expansive windows, creating an inviting ambiance and highlighting the villa’s carefully chosen color palette— a blend of subtle neutrals accentuated by occasional bold hues.

The centerpiece of this domicile is undoubtedly its open-concept living area. An immaculately designed space, it seamlessly merges the living, dining, and kitchen, fostering a sense of unity and expansiveness. Contemporary furniture, bespoke art pieces, and state-of-the-art fixtures lend this area a charisma that’s hard to resist.

But it’s not just the communal areas that shine. Each bedroom is a sanctuary, tailored to provide utmost comfort and privacy. The master suite, with its walk-in closet and spa-like ensuite, offers an unparalleled luxury experience, making it a perfect retreat at the end of a long day.

A unique feature of this villa is its blending of indoor and outdoor spaces. Purn Interiors has masterfully integrated nature within the design, with private courtyards, verdant terraces, and water features that imbue the property with tranquility and charm.

Satellite’s Elegant Villa stands as a testament to Purn Interiors’ dedication to design excellence. It embodies our commitment to crafting spaces that aren’t just homes but expressions of individuality, luxury, and sophistication. This project, with its perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality, is a proud feather in our cap, reiterating our place at the forefront of Ahmedabad’s interior design realm.

Drashti Shah
project type:
Residential Villa Design & Implementation
Mr. Rajan Verma
Maximize the villa's potential
4 month
Project Initiation: 5th July 2023 | Project Completion: 30th November 2023
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